Kotodama Fruit Juice


“Speak with Purpose” is an applied research project created by team Kotodama Fruit Juice in association with the Entertainment Technology Center Professors Brenda Bakkar-Harger and Shirley Yee. Tasked with exploring “stories that listen”, the five technologists that make up Kotodama Fruit Juice are using advanced speech recognition and narrative trickery to discover what possibilities exist for the future of entertainment and natural modes of interaction.


The ability to establish meaningful relationships and exchanges through one’s speech is a core tenant of the communicative experience, and current attempts to mimic the process synthetically are limited to practical, industrial spaces instead of our living rooms.

Kotodama Fruit Juice is thinking outside the (juice) box to provide realistic, meaningful interaction and story, and all you’ll have to do is speak with purpose.


  • A speech driven Unity application that uses Microsoft’s Speech Recognition API to determine the semantic value of voice input
  • Grammar document with acceptable words and phrases
  • Post-mortem/research paper for future developers

Here is the project website.

You can get the game here and run it on your Windows operated computer by following instructions on the Read Me file.

This experience is designed to be run with Oculus Rift VR headset.