Game Projects

Digital Games

PinterestBrainventures by Kizoom

Platform: Mobile (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) || Tech: Unity 3D (C#), Parse SDK

My Role: Lead Gameplay Programmer

Brainventures is a mobile game published on iOS App Store on July 1st, 2015. Brainventures empowers kids to become lifelong learners by teaching them about their brains through a quirky brain world and playful gameplay.  Designed by experts in neuroscience and education, Brainventures is inspired by research on growth mindset, which shows that kids who understand they have the ability to make their brains stronger perform better in school and are more successful later in life.


Platform: Mobile (iOS & Android – Phone&Tablet) and Web || Tech: Unity 3D (C#)

My Role: Gameplay Programmer

Serenity is a motivated team of engineers and artists going into our final semester at the ETC. We are working on a project that was pitched by one of our faculty advisers, Jiyoung Lee. We created a mobile game called Samsara. A demo of the game can be found on iOS AppStore and Google Play Store. Our goal is to create an artistic rather than educational game that brings attention to bullying – a complex and unsolved social problem. We want to take an objective approach and examine the problem from all perspectives. Even though bullying is a very negative behavior, our philosophy is to tackle this problem with positivity. Click here for more information.

Kotodama Fruit Juice

Platform: Windows PC || Tech: Unity 3D (C#), Microsoft’s Speech Recognition API, Oculus Rift

My Role: Game Designer

“Speak with Purpose” is an applied research project created by team Kotodama Fruit Juice in association with the Entertainment Technology Center Professors Brenda Bakkar-Harger and Shirley Yee. Tasked with exploring “stories that listen”, the five technologists that make up Kotodama Fruit Juice are using advanced speech recognition and narrative trickery to discover what possibilities exist for the future of entertainment and natural modes of interaction. Click here for more information.

lazermouse_logoLazer Mouse

Platform: iPad || Tech: HTML5/JavaScript

My Role: Gameplay Programmer, Producer

Lazer Mouse was a spring 2013 project at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. Over the course of the semester, Lazer Mouse worked with MAKESHOP at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to design and develop a kid-friendly iPad app to allow kids to design for the laser cutter setup in the museum. Click here for more information.


Platform: iPad || Tech: HTML5/JavaScript

My Role: Gameplay Programmer, Co-Designer

HaluBuBum is a 4 player, competitive, multi-touch, iPad game. Each player has their own court. Little black goo creatures called Boos roll around leaving messy splats behind them. The goal is to keep your court clean. Players can toss the Boos around by touching them and then flinging them away. At the end of the game (which lasts about 1 minute), the player with the cleanest court wins and the one whose area is dirtiest loses. Read more about this game here!

bvwposter_final_cleanBuilding Virtual Worlds

Platform(s): Kinect, PS Move, Eye Tracker, Makey Makey, Phidgets

My Role: Gameplay Programmer, Sound Designer, Producer

Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) is the core class during the Bootcamp semester of CMU’s ETC. Over the course of the semester, we created 5 prototypes for various platforms in 2-3 weeks in multidisciplinary teams of 4-5. Click here to learn more about the class and the projects that I’ve involved.

qrQR Marks the Spot

Platform: Web

My Role: Programmer

QR Marks The Spot is a brand new location based game project utilizing QR code readers. The users are able to create new games as well as join in existing ones. The games can be about numerous fabulous adventures such as treasure hunting and hide-and-seek. Besides using technological advancements(QR codes and the web itself), the players have the opportunity to play along in real life. The game creates a wonderful platform for meeting with new people and improving communication skills. A mobile device with QR mark reader will be necessary to be a part of this platform. More information about the project can be found here.

Board Games

windwithpaperBe Fit!

Board Game

A 2-player board game where the players should balance their weight to reach to the end point.You can find my playtesting and iterating document here.