Visual Storytelling


Silenus Production is the group of 4 CMU ETC students; Simeng Yang, Himanshu Vartak, Tzu-Hsun Lu and me. We came together during the fall 2012 semester to shoot the following short films. Throughout the year, we wrote, shot and editted 4 videos.




  • Retrofit Assignment

We reshooted the American Psycho Business Card scene.

  • Team Promo Assignment

Here is the video that we have prepared for introducing the Silenus Production team members. We used Elvis Presley’s song  A Little Less Conversation.

  • 48 Hours Film Festival Assignment

We are given one prop (PRESENT); one line “It’s never happened before” and <48 hours to make a movie in DRAMA genre. Here is what we ended up with.

  • Music Video Assignment

We are given one prop (mask) and one color (Ominous Purple) to make a movie in DOCUMENTARY genre. We ended up making a Vampire Love Story with the song Black by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi ft Norah Jones.