Building Virtual Worlds


These are the projects that are implemented throughout the Fall 2012 semester in Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center.

ROUND 5 – Buccaneer Bay

Developed in Unity 3D in 3 weeks for Show Round. In this round, we needed to implement something that would worth presenting in the BVW Show. We could not make it to the show but we won the Penguin Award (i.e. most glorious failure award). I am so proud to have worked in this project. We connected cell phones to the water gun and let the audience control the gun! You can read more about this project here.

Platforms used: Phidgets Stepper Motor Controller + Stepper Motor, Phidgets Interface Kit, Makey Makey, PS Move (+ DC Control Solid State Relay)

Programmer & Sound Designer & Props: Dilara Semerci
3D Artist & Props: Akshaya Venugopal
Web/Mobile Programmer & UI Designer & 2D Artist: Regis Frey
Game Design & Props: Frank Hamilton

ROUND 4 – Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Developed in Unity 3D in 3 weeks for Story Round. We used Kinect in Cave. We tried to tell the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Programmer: Heem Patel
3D Artist & Animator: Sahana Vijai
2D Artist: Danielle Corporon
Sound Designer & Producer: Dilara Semerci

ROUND 3 – Abduction

Developed in Unity 3D in 1 week for Lightning Round. We used Eye Tracking technology combined with Wii Remote. It is a 2-player game where the ‘Alien’ uses the Wii Remote to abduct objects while the ‘Farmer’ uses the Eye Tracker to prevent objects from leaving. Here are the alternative endings for the ‘Farmer’ and the ‘Alien’.


Programmer: Christian Bruggeman
3D Artist: “Ronny” Li Qing
2D Artist: Regis Frey
Sound Designer: Dilara Semerci

ROUND 2 – Super Safari

Developed in Unity 3D in 2 weeks. Platform was PS Move. The naive guest was tested the world without any verbal instructions. We built a camera as shown in the instruction scene and used a pedal with USB connection. The aim was making the guest feel free.

Programmer: Yunxin (Allison) Zheng
3D Artists: Frank Hamilton & Lei (Nicole) Feng
2D Artist: Simeng (Sim) Yang
Sound Designer & Co-Programmer & Producer: Dilara Semerci

ROUND 1 – Sweet Shot Day

Developed in Unity 3D in 2 weeks. Platform was Kinect.

Programmer: Orry Suen
3D Artist: Yang Shi
2D Artist: Sangyun Han
Sound Designer & Producer: Dilara Semerci

ROUND 0 : Trailer

This is my first project as a sound designer in CMU ETC. I used Adobe Audition. We had 1 week to finish the project. I hope you’ll enjoy it: